MLT NewAg Limited Edition

133 Units


Leather-covered interior :

seat, wheel and armrest 

Sportive design

Numbered custom plate

MLT NewAg marking

« VOLCANO » colour pack


  • Low frequency air suspension leather-covered seat 
  • Leather-covered armrest
  • Leather-covered wheel
  • Vision screen
  • Bluetooth car radio with extra microphone (100 W)
  • Air conditioning with automatic adjustment
  • Extra front wiper
  • Electric mirror with de-icing
  • Regenerative Hydraulics
    (Only available on the MLT 741-140 V+)

  • Intelligent Hydraulics 
    (Only available on the MLT 741-140 V+) 
  • Ecostop
  • Attachment hydraulic locking
  • Hand throttle
  • Continuous flow hydraulics
  • Active CRC boom suspension

  • Automatic wheel alignment
  • SafeView camera pack (x2)
  • LED work lights on cab (x4)
  • LED front road lights (x2) 
  • LED boom work lights (x2)



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MLT NewAg Limited Edition,

the ultimate addition for the agriculture


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For those who require effort and

comfort everyday.

For those who dare to adventure.

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